Why You Shouldn't Be Bitter

Monday, February 13, 2017

I have actually resolved to not openly talk about this area of my life here. Haha! But I thought I must share this just so we might have one less bitter single woman on Valentine’s day. :)


Top Picks: Best Budget Airbnb's to Stay in Seoul

Monday, February 06, 2017

Don't go there. Live there. They say you must live there like a local. Aigoo, gone are the days of expensive hotels! Today, we find unique "homes" for ourselves when we go to foreign places, and this is so easy to do when visiting South Korea.


Long Solo Layover in Shanghai

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

They say there are many types of traveller -- the hopper, the slow traveller, the rejuvenator (what HAHA!) etc. Well, I have never really defined one type for myself. All I know is that whenever I find opportunity to visit a new place I would grab it with no hesitation. So when I found an itinerary to JFK that came with 10+ hours of layover in Shanghai, that, for me was the best deal!! I understand that for some, this is too hassle and inconvenient. This only works for those who would love to hit two birds with one stone, those who are up for an adventuure. Anyway, even a 2 or 3-hour layover still kills me. Why don't you just go out since you are already there! Hihi😃 

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