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Thursday, January 13, 2011

One ordinary morning of January, my Aunt woke me up and 'magically' told me to get ready because we're heading to Boracay. I thought I was still dreaming. It's not like going to the neighborhood on the other end of the street. Happy New Year! I prepared and the rest was epic. Because of that, this post goes out to remember my instant trip to Boracay last year! Aside from the fact that I miss going to the beach so much, I posted this to express this overflowing gratefulness in my heart for experiencing such wonderful moment. I tell you, Boracay might be overrated for some, but a life on the beach just couldn't get any better. It's a trip I'll never forget.
Boracay sunset always takes all of my breath away.
 One shouldn't die without experiencing the sunset on the beaches of Boracay. Though the breeze was freezing cold, my heart couldn't help melting. I didn't need another person to fall in love with. With a sunset like this, I fell in love with life itself.
Silhouette pictures with my cousin. 
Can time stand still?
The famous Jonah's milkshake
 The famous Jonah's milkshake on the beachfront. Given with the unique packaging, this milkshake really tastes better than your typical urban thirst quenchers. Without tasting this famous Boracay shake, you won't be able to taste Boracay at all. I have allergies, so I was little careful for one can even find peanuts on their mango shake.
Life is a beach.
 I had the chance to try out something new. I just asked a native to teach me how to do this skim boarding. I had to pay a hundred for like more than 3 hours of fun. Cheap thrill. I remember hurting my toes for doing this a year ago, but I just needed to have something better than building sand castles. The weather wasn't so cool for parasailing or flying fish.

Ohhh yeah!
 At night, it's time to burn for art with this fire dancing. They're like everywhere and one will enjoy watching this for free. They accept picture taking and it's a boracay ethic to give something or pay (for foreigners) for that! Haha!

Poor quality shot for this moving creature.

Your love is better than lips will glorify You. - Psalm 63:3

I miss going to the beach so much! Thanks for this instant 3-day stay in Boracay. The accommodation and the food--they're all for free! :) I'm so blessed!! This year's school-duty oriented January is just so different. But I'm still more than grateful and I'm looking forward to an awesome getaway this coming break!

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