Workshop Stroll

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello! I'm grateful to God for giving me this chance to participate in a volunteer program called Summer of Service 2012. I'm sooooo excited. First weekend of February, we had the first training and basic orientation held in Silang, Cavite! Real amazing and wonderful experience.

We had activities regarding Deaf awareness, and the interaction with them was just moving and heart melting. My eyes were really opened to see more wonderful things in life. The place was so beautiful. and breathtaking. Cool breeze, pine trees, blue skies, green grass and flowers everywhere. No clues of stress, pollution and traffic, just loveliness on every single inch of the place. The food's delicious. Delish Filipino cuisine. Pandan tea or coffee, kakanin, hot sinigang na hipon, and banana "salad" (haha)! I got to meet amazing, talented and inspiring people. I learned so much from the activities.  We learned about different social realities (poverty, human trafficking, abuse, etc), Deaf awareness and Faith. The activities taught me how to be creative and to be socially responsible. 

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