From A Volunteer's Diary: A Day with Project PEARLS

Sunday, April 08, 2012

After a very refreshing weekend in Baguio, I celebrated my Easter sunday with the less fortunate children in a dump site in Tondo. My social-action warrior friend, Dave, invited us to do this together with the Cluster. We volunteered with Project PEARLS, a non-government organization who aims to bring that 'Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love, Smile (PEARLS) to the poorest of the poor in Tondo. I was very excited because it was my first time to do an activity of this kind.
As we enter the area, I was...worried that the unpleasant aura of the place was gradually taking that cool-calm-clean vibe that still lingers in me. But as I continued to walk further, observe the people, imagine their way of life, and see for myself the bigger face of reality, I must say that the entire experience was just overwhelmingly worth it.
There were so many things learned! Those were the things that I've only seen on TV, or film documentaries for our religion class. But to experience it for myself, it became a totally different story. There was this infinite feeling of fulfillment when we were able to hug those soot-covered kids, watch their eyes shine and widen as you hand them their food, see their excitement during the games, watch them dance, spot their cute smiles and shy faces when you ask for their names, and more than anything, whisper prayers of hope for them.
Even when everything seemed hopeless, I find myself very hopeful for them and for their situation. I hold on to the truth that God is not blind and deaf towards them and His hands are never too short to help them.  He has promised plans of hope and good future for each one of us. I may never be able to explain and answer for myself the Why's of their plight, one thing is sure: God strongly stirred up my heart to do something for them, to bless them and to share so much love to them. I have decided to find necessary steps to translate this hope into action. 
A community walled and surrounded with garbage.
This little boy is warming up with the volunteers.
Generous' hand over mine! :">
Kids playing on the Monkey Bars
She found this lost cat.
Pile of Charcoal stocked in Ulingan
Games were organized for teh children.
All the volunteers must participate.
This girl was very shy but she was so clingy and sweet.
Homes surrounding the Ulingan learning Center.
Hello Generous!
Ivan! :))
The very muddy path going to the Learning Center.
There were so many little children in the community.
The place wasn't big enough for the activities.
Hello there, little girl
Just keep walking.
Ecstatic kids.
Interact with the Kuyas.
Miko & Adel
I'll look for you again! this very sweeeet girl!
Kuya Aldrich!
Manila Bay
Dump Trucks that collect the garbage
Children waiting for their food.
On our way home.
Charcoals made in the Ulingan ready to be sold.
With Kuya Andrew!
We had a wonderful time.

Photos by me, Louie Yao and Dave Mariano! :)

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  1. Thank you for visiting the children of Ulingan!

    Founder, Project PEARLS

    1. My pleasure. Thank You very much! :))


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