Behind the Blur

Friday, May 18, 2012

It was nearly 5:00 in the morning. While the car was running 110 kph, the breaking dawn and the beauty of the sunrise unfolded so much faster. What beats the speed of light? More than the overflowing wonderment in my heart towards the beauty of the sunrise (as if I've seen it for the first time), I was stressing out, fretting and panicking because no speed of my shutter could ever capture the beauty perfectly. There was no greater frustration than this. While I was desperately figuring out my camera setting, pressing all buttons of it for the nth time, I failed to get a still picture of the morning splendor. Exasperatedly complaining to myself (and to my awesome camera), "When will I ever master this crapt?". I looked at the preview and helplessly compared it to the actual scene before me. 

Life. is. a. blur. 

Out of so much frustration, I realized, I wasted my time and burdened myself for nothing. Grasping to capture such beauty just made it dull. A jpg file could never be traded to the tangible joy of the reality. I didn't have to change the actual moment and paint fakery in a picture. I captured it perfectly, just exactly how the moment occurred. It was sunrise, a wonderful fusion of colors, which through speed and motion, faded before me. The silhouettes of leaves and branches ran after me. One single breathtaking frame at a time. For just a split of a second. I realized, the very glimpse of such beauty was the pure thrill of the moment. 

Sometimes, there's only one solution-- a change of heart and perspective.

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