Call Them Out!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

It was a lovely night of December 2008, I was all geared up for something very very special. I had my thick sweater on, my cozy jogging pants and a cup of hot chocolate-coffee to keep me up all night. I found out that there would be Geminids starting 11pm until 4 am. This is it. It would be my first time to ever watch a Meteor Shower! (I had always been an avid stargazer, so that was really SOMETHING for me!)

My heart leaping from its place, I called out my cousins to watch this very rare and special event with me... for a couple of times already. Hello. uhh. guys. Meteor Showers. You know. Bucket list kind of thing. I noticed their apathy and indifference towards my enthusiasm. (Anticipated. Ugh they wouldn't be so if only we lived in Alaska and I called them out to watch the Northern lights. Huu! My meteor showers-- underrated!) They were too entertained by the tv. Of course, I couldn't just stand outside and enjoy it all by myself. Meanwhile, behind the wall were my cousins scanning channel after channel of lame tv shows. They have to see this. They have to experience this.

"Oh come on!" I kept bugging them. I couldn't afford to let them miss out something very beautiful. Who would ever trade this for E! news? "You wouldn't want to miss this guys!" I desperately yelled from the front yard and insisted! and they eventually gave in. Hee!

Voila, we ended up bringing mini-mattress and pillows outside, camping out and counting every meteor we see.  There was an infinite joy in our hearts! I was sure. They enjoyed and loved it! It was indescribable!! We squealed together every time we see one! it was breathtaking! Every second another streak of silver glows: parentheses, exclamation points, commas- a whole grammar made of light, for words too hard to describe. Imagine, the realms of the outer universe is smiling at us. pleasing and amazing us in every way. light in the darkness. beautiful lights. I had 87 shooting stars! 87 wishes! Haha! Glorious! Shared joy, shared experience. 
That simple experience four years ago just taught me something now-- Making a difference is very simple. Don't let people miss out something very beautiful. Don't let them miss out something priceless. Don't let them miss it out. You knew something great is going to happen. If you were in my position, you'd probably do the same. Of course, they must see the real show.
Call them out!

Maybe, my meteor shower wasn't really valuable to them as it was to me. or it wasn't really something that they need. But here's one thing, it doesn't have to be a meteor shower. 

What if I experience Purpose? What if I was heading to experience Truth? How about Freedom? What if I experience Genuine Love? What if it is a shower of Grace?  Shower of blessings? Security? Fullness of Life? What if...Salvation? Would you just let them watch TV? (Haha!)

And yes. Definitely. He made me experience all of them. God is so much more, billion times more, than a meteor shower. If I think they needed to see the meteor shower, how much more Christ in all of His splendor? 

In our walk in Christ, God prompts us to share His wonders to all the people. When God lets us experience something so much more than just momentary delight...

Call them out. Call them out!

I can finally see that you're right there beside me.
I am not my own, for I have been made new.
-Meteor Shower, by Owl City

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