Home Sweet Hospital

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It was another short stay in Iloilo yet it was a very meaningful one. I had to go home because our ever so beloved Lolo, Tatay Ness, got sick. This trip was special because I was just in the hospital with him for the entire two-day stay. For me, hospitals have been special place of learning; sometimes you will learn lessons that are more important than those being taught in our schools. Such place has so many real life stories to tell. It makes me understand the brevity of life, man's physical limitations, and of course faith. So, here's the meaningful journey!

I got to wake up very early and was able to catch the sunrise! Too early for my 8:30am flight! It was really a moody cloud-rainy day! :) Forever grateful to God for beautiful mornings!

I've always been a fan of Cebu Pacific's Smile Magazine. I always ask for a copy if I get a chance to have a very approchable flight attendant! :) I always find it hard to sleep during my flights, so it's either I read through their magazine or a have a super special 29,000-ft above sea level date with God by reading His word!:)) These clouds always captivate my heart. I had lots of revelations from them. I'd probably write them in another entry.

While the nurses were doing something with Tatay, I'd bring down books to the fire exit and read or pray for a bit. Seeing Tatay very weak, I asked God what word should I share to him. At the age of 78, he's always been a strong man with a very strong feel-young personality. But this time, having a heart problem and weakened feet, I could see him so upset and worried. I could feel his anxieties of being old, as he was endlessly told of what's BAWAL! (Tatay is such a fooodie) God reminded me of a passage in the Proverbs:

The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old. Prov. 20:29
The beauty of  the old man is the gray head, an index of wisdom and prudence. They no longer affect strength and agility, but they affect wisdom, experience, prudent counsels, and are fond of being reputed wise, and of having respect paid to their understanding and experience.

It's ok to be old, and he has all the reasons to be grateful after all the blessings and all the things that God showered him!
 I also had fun and lovely afternoon of food trip with my cousins in a plaza nearby! This is just 5-min of walking from the hospital. 

 Dawn watching by the fire exit! =))
My last night in the hospital! :))

Thank You Lord for this trip! Still ceaselessly praying for Tatay's healing and good health, we're all so blessed with his life! :)))

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  1. Hope your lolo is getting well...so do you speak Bisaya?

    1. I speak Hiligaynon! But ka hibao ko gamay mu speak in Bisaya/Cebuano! =))

  2. hi angel!!! i'm wishing your lolo a speedy recovery.. btw, what camera are you using? your pictures are great!

    1. Thank you my friend! :) I'm using my 2yr old Nikon D3000! =))

    2. kitlens lang yan? what other lens do you use?

    3. It's the 18-55 mm na lens! :)

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