Good Old Days

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If you were a small town girl of the 90's living in the peaceful provinces of the Philippines, you would probably agree with me that beach weekends were essential parts of your childhood.  Count yourself a model of a typical Filipino family, where the entire clan would usually conclude the holidays with the better sunshine, saltwater breeze, barbecue and fresh oysters by the beach. And yes, the sand needs not to be white. As for me, those moments remained as childhood memories since I haven't been doing this for the longest time. Unfortunately, uncles and aunts and cousins had to start living new season of their lives and eventually needed to leave the country. 
Out to the beach-- I believe every family should really do this once in a while. Every kid deserves a happy childhood memory of the Beach!! We live in a generation where kids are only stuck to their Nintendo DS and PSPs all day, and I really feel sorry for them missing out a legit childhood. Childhood like mine! Haha! I could recall a day filled with breathtaking fun activities, filled with imagination-- it was either spending the whole afternoon pretending to be a shark having the thrill of hunting down your cousins; or pretending to be a beautiful mermaid; or my great efforts to build the best sand castle; and who would ever forget that awkward moment of silently poking a jellyfish resting by the shore wondering if it was still alive? Caught myself smiling while watching these little children play and swim all day. We all have to drag them back to the cottage for a lunch break-- just like me when I was little. My mom used to tell me that waves would eat me alive and would bring me to the other island if I swim with an empty stomach. :") How I miss those days! And yes, this is the same beach we used to go to. 

Finally, it was the day that I have been waiting for. We gathered for a Hawaiian-themed family party last July to just enjoy the day, relax, bond and catch up. We dressed up in colorful floral dresses and spent the day away by the beach. We also had karaoke until past midnight, dance the day and night away, and of course, revel in the overflowing fresh "province" food.

I thank God for this chance to spend a relaxing day with all the people I love.

One awkward hug with my lola, she seems so fragile.

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