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Sunday, March 03, 2013

For more than three years, I enjoyed the comforts of 5-min-walks to School. I never needed to commute or wake up two hours before my classes. Now, I have been so overwhelmed because I needed to swim across oceans and climb mountains just to get myself to Ortigas for my internship every single day. 

It has been very tiring, however, I am thankful because I am given a very good chance to walk around the metro and see many random things that tell me so much about my country-- some are really fascinating, while some are jsut heart breaking. Also, it has been so full of adventures around the city. 

Ten Things I love most when commuting:
Chasing the rarest jeepneys in the unloading zone 
Climbing up a Bus as it runs away from MMDA officers
Getting poked by little beggars
Getting smiles from random strangers 
Being offered a seat in the lrt (or sometimes getting ignored, moments like "Kuya ang gwapo ng tattoo mo, ang laki ng katawan mo, pa-upoin mo naman ako." Hahaha) 
Asking crazy directions from Kuya Taho or Kuya Tak-tak Boy when places get really strange
Calling random Senior-Lola "Nanay"
Swimming in the LRT-MRT crowd during peak hours
Taking a short nap inside the FX 
So, here's a short photoblog of how the commute-season has been:
*Sorry for the quality, since I only used my phone for these pictures

"Senior" labor

Here's a 2-yo girl giving away red envelopes inside the Jeepney to ask for money. On the right, is very old lady being denied of a seat inside the LRT.  It is really sad that, sometimes, we tend to forget some gestures that are most basic.

Stop over from Binangonan to get some fresh mangoes.

On the left, is the MRT morning rush. The second picture is a picture of pure innocence. This baby just came up to me and hugged me while waiting inside the bank. :) Baby, you never talk to strangers, but you can hug them.

Standing inside the Bus
The priceless feeling of finally getting a seat 

Typical Ayala Station
Braving the wilds of Caloocan

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing." -Camille Pissarro

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