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Monday, June 17, 2013

"We are many, but we are one."

I remember falling in love with dandelions after watching the movie Bugs Life. I know it's just some kind of weeds (a useful one), but I still find it so beautiful. And I would rather refer to it as a flower. You know the idea of it is just so fairytale-ish. Like you gently blow it, make a wish as the tiny parachutes fly away from its seed head then everything just feels so magical. (or maybe it is just me. :D) I believe the dandelion was a flower who badly wished to travel the world. So God designed it to be set free. Off to travel into hundreds of direction! I have never seen one back in my country. and I was too happy when I saw it for the first time here. HAHA! Thank God I never had spring/pollen allergies. On a Jersey weekend, I decided to experiment a bit with a little macro shooting of dandelions. I haven't captured it perfectly (because I have to blow it and take pictures at the same time HAHAHA can you imagine), but I hope you are as amused as I am. :) I really wish I had more days being as carefree as today. Enjoy!

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  1. I remember when I was a little girl doing this... just the other day, I told my youngest daughter about this and she was blowing dandelions in the wind too :)

  2. beautiful dandelions <3 i think i'm in love with your blog :)


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