Mongolia on my Mind

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When God wrote the days of my life, I thank him for including the Mongolian experience in it. I never imagined for such season to happen in my life. Now a year has passed, and I found some better words to describe the experience than just "freezing cold". The trip to Mongolia was very special. I could not highlight this more: it was a trip for a winning purpose, and not simply for a new place. It felt like we were all handpicked for the trip; with people, places, timing and experiences that are truly God ordained.

A Journey for Jesus Many people see missions trip merely as a religious project or activity. For me, it was so much more, and it was indeed a trip of a lifetime. (and not religious at all!) I never thought of the chance to go out there and bring a message of true Love, Hope and Purpose; to defy meaninglessness and perishing existence; to share the fullness of life and genuine freedom in a world that is different from yours in all aspects, and yet you find hearts and spirits that are crying out for the same cause, for the same name...the name above all names, and that is Jesus. See more here.

The Mighty Team I was just so blessed and humbled to have walked with a team of mighty women of God. It was also a season of sharing lives, spurring one another and letting God mold our hearts and characters.  We have made relationships built to last for a lifetime! :)

All New and Noteworthy Things The trip also paved way for many interesting experiences and revelations. Even for the simplest things, we were just left in awe and we couldn't help but worship God more and more. The first sight of ice capped mountains almost brought us to joyful tears.The vast expanse of whiteness in the countryside reminded me of God turning 'scarlet to pureness'. Finally, I was convinced that no two snowflakes have been found to look exactly the same. If snowflakes were so special, how much more His children? And of course, the most fascinating of all was the Mongolian language that sounded strange enough to gave me some goody good goosebumps -- in prayers, in singing worship or even just in their simple conversations. 

I thank everyone who extended their support and prayers for me and our team during the Ten Days Missions Trip. This trip would not be the same if not for all of you. I also hope this will also inspire you to go, to honor God and make disciples of every nation!

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  1. That is some beautiful scenery... and what an experience :)


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