Graduation Gratitude List

Monday, April 14, 2014

There are great things that happen in life that no words could ever convey-- not a Facebook status or a filled page in your journal. This is when your dreams come to pass, when God fulfils promises and life just gives you more than what you expect. When this blog entry would never suffice, I attempt to write knowing that gratitude must never be left unsaid and pieces of inspiration must be always shared. Here are just few of the many many things to be thankful for this season:


I am thankful to have opportunities and the privilege to live the dream. I was able join the international fora during the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City with World Youth Alliance. For an aspiring diplomat like me, it was one thing off my bucket list. Yet at the end of the day, it must not be seen in forms of prestige, of personal ambitions and well-performed accomplishments. They are there to make you dream for others and for the people around you, to confront realities, to give hope, to bring action, to be called with effect and to let God make you do things that only you can do. 


When it was one crucial phase for me after college graduation and one restless struggle of answering questions such as Where to go?, What to do?, What is next?... I was put in a conducive place for transition, transformation and active preparation. We can't just be caught up in finding the right job position, financial provision and all the lesser things above the surface... I learned to wait for the right role, perhaps for calling... and to never despise humble beginnings and to trust God enough that it is only for us to ask. He has the answer. 
Places are just places if we only count what is on the itinerary, the #ootds to pull off, the instagram-worthy photos we take or the souvenirs we hoard. I've gone again to different places...and honestly, it was so easy to be caught up with the thrill of being on the go. To finish one destination after another. It is far better if we allow these places to change our views in life, allow moments to take our breath away, to revel hopefully in the journey itself and not just the destination, and allow God to reveal wonders after wonders.  As my friend, Ate Pau, puts it dearly in details: "I think one of the greatest challenges one traveller can face is this: to stop and just be still--to be breathe in the moment, to eat (power) breakfast meals for more than just 10 minutes, to chew your food at least 10x before swallowing, to let those behind you in queue go first, to simply watch all others in-transit (like yourself) go by, and to be thankful not only for the opportunity but the mere fact that you CAN and are able to be in-transit." 


I am so thankful that life is not to be walked alone. All through out the season, I thank God for bringing people into my life who shared so much of everything to me. There were friends who encourage and pray for you at all times. Family who relentlessly support. College Professors and mentors who believe and guide. There are even random strangers and instant friends who are willing to share pieces of advice and wisdom with you. (You guys know who you are... thank you so much.)

Doors opened for me to pursue internship with an (awesome) organisation called World Youth Alliance (WYA) right after my graduation. I could not be more grateful to have been equipped with very important principles, values and an excellent standpoint upon dealing wisely with the real world. Having plans of working for the government and the people in the future, this has made so much difference... Amidst the madness and countless crazy ideas around the world, this was a venue that taught me to affirm human life, human dignity and human flourishing without compromising the truth. They taught me of a better path to take and the best decisions to make...

This is yet another God-ordained milestones, and greater things are yet to come. There was no way for me to earn the favor. This is to attest that He is faithful, more than faithful to grant the very desires of our heart. I hope this speaks blessing to you as well...What are you grateful for? 

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