Musings from the Mountains

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hiking has been one of the new-found passions lately (YE-HESS!!). I had been to my fourth mountain, and each time, it's the feeling of conquering myself more than conquering the mountains that gets me. I used to put up with asthma and the only sport I could ever play was chess. So each step along an incredibly steep trail gets more and more surreal towards the summit. Last weekend, we headed to Mt. Daraitan and I felt the need to write things down and capture the adventure this time...

Thoughts along the trail
A lot of wonderful things could happen in a day's hike. What happens within you is an adventure in itself. Hiking rids the head of so much unnecessary thoughts. It amplifies God's voice and basks you in His presence... It pays you an experience of literally living the metaphor of the mountains. It makes you feel invincible and humble at the same time. It puts you in a conducive place to reflect, keeps you in focus and leaves you fulfilled more than ever.

The price & the prize of Beauty
As much as I want to tell you that my Instagram photos were actually instant, the tale just goes beyond the pixels. Daraitan was one of the hardest climbs I've had so far. In fact, I had to stay in bed and recover from fever the following day... but I could never regret any part of the experience. One has to go through so much pain, so many literally breath-taking moments, push one's self to the limit of all limits... but then it pays you a gracious and grand encounter of God as you discover so much strength, hope and some refined energy in you. Being immersed does not only give you a Beauty to behold, but a beauty to become. As you reach that destination, each drop of sweat is just always worth it. Now if the mountains call you, you must go!!  Remember, the best view comes after the hardest climb!



Special thanks to my awesome Bundok Friends!! I definitely owe them my experience!

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