Why You Should Always Travel (& How)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why should you travel? We all know the classic answer. Because if you don't, you will only read one page of a book that is the world, right? But why always

Just recently, one of my friends jokingly advised me to go back to work because it seemed like I have been traveling year-round. On the contrary, some asked what is with my job that I get to travel all the time. Truth is, I got a job that glues me to my office desk for the whole week, with zero travel. Prior to working, people warned me about the impossibility of leisure & traveling once I enter the so-called real world. From there, I took it upon myself to disprove such idea. I'd love to share with you a little list of my "You Gotta's" and sort of #notestoself which explains why I always keep my feet on the road, hope this blesses you as well!

1. Do what you Love.

I got an Atlas as one of my first books, a semi-3d globe as my 10th birthday present and I spent most of my childhood days memorising country capitals. If you LOVE something, you have to take that love seriously. You have to DO something about it. You can't say you love to travel, but never do it. If you love nature, history, arts, etc. then visit an eco-park, a museum, a local community or a heritage site. The things you love are unique to you, and they have been placed in your heart for special reasons. Pursue it, and just DO it (like Nike!). When you begin to travel, it lets you discover the things you love... and makes you fall in love with life more!

  • Identify the things that you want to do, places you want to see.
  • Create lists of places or activities, and set a realistic timeline to meet them.
  • Find people that may share the same interests with you and invite them to visit those places together.

2. Know that it is not about the money.

This may not be as simple as it sounds, but it is really never about the money. As they say, it's better to pay for experience than material things. Indeed, "Traveling is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer." Remember, traveling should not always be expensive. 

Practically, it looks like this: few cups of Starbucks could already get you a bus ticket to some nice paradise in Batangas. Your shopping spree in F21 could get you on a budget flight across our beautiful country. Instead of paying for monthly fees for the gym, use it for some weekly hike to the mountains. 
  • Set an Adventure Fund! (Next to your personal savings and your emergency fund, of course...)
  • Always DIY your travels, and don't just rely on tour agents/packages! Even if it's on a discount. You know it's all business. 
  • Travel far, and NEAR! 
  • Travel with a group, as this is always cheaper! If you can't pool some friends, make new friends by finding some travel/activity groups (i.e Meetup.com, Facebook groups).
  • Travel like a local! This means you forget luxurious hotels, restaurants and go for the authentic experience -- go for a homestay, authentic food, and less touristy places. 
  •  Pray for provision: God's will, God's bill!
One of the happiest moments in my life, outside Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco
3. Make time, not "find" time.

Contrary to popular stories of people quitting their job for a lifestyle of traveling, I believe you do not need to choose just one. You can work very hard, and still live the life. For me, weekends are such a gift, one of the things that totally makes us come alive. Do away with the BITIN-mindset, or the notion that it won't be enough. Miracles and life changing adventures can happen in a day. It is and will always be enough! I once spent a weekend in Seoul, I got to volunteer for an organization, teach kids, visit different places, and I made lots of friends -- over a weekend. No need to wait for retirement. Because, if not now, WHEN?
  • Plot feasible and possible dates on your calendar. We're blessed with so many 'long weekends', so you better use them wisely. Make use of every weekend.  
  • Book tickets ahead of time!
  • Plan your schedule well, maximize your time!
  • Find Day trips that are worth the rush.
4.Turn plans into reality, make things happen! 

We all had that moments with our friends, day-dreaming, IG-tagging, and endless planning aka wishful thinking. (Guilty of this!) If you have plans in mind, don't leave them there. While spontaneity does wonders, it is also wise to be prepared and let the going (...running, swimming & hiking) do all the talking. 

  • Take time to meet, sit and schedule..and book!
  • Be the one to initiate on the planning if everyone's too busy daydreaming.
  • Commit PLANS to the Lord! (YES, while it takes guts, and you will need whole lots of grace!)  
5. Find Purpose in the Passion.

You could be traveling 'just because'. Or because it is fun, and it is the new cool! But there could be so much more to this. I am not saying that you travel to Calcutta and put on a cause like Mother Teresa... It could be for you to spend some real quality time with the people you love, to gain experience and enhance your career prospects, to gain a new perspective, to bless the nation that you are headed to, or simply to reward yourself with some rest... Share every experience to the people around you, to the world! I personally  believe God has called and brought people to places, asked us to GO, and to step out of our comfort zones in order to fulfill purposes in and through our lives! I tell you, it will be one of the most meaningful and the most memorable experiences you will ever have.
  • Sign up for volunteer activities & programs! This is the best way to be immersed in the places that you visit, you get to interact with locals and meet different people. 
  • Check the following websites: www.heysuccess.com, www.ivolunteer.ph, www.volunteerhq.org
  • Join Youth Conferences and other cross-cultural activities! You can google upcoming international conferences and try to attend one. You will learn a lot, get exposed to different cultures and build your network.
  • Join a Missions Trip! (I'm thankful that my local church gives us the opportunity to be a blessing to the nations through a short-term Missions Trip!)
  • Invite close friends / family to travel together! Make sure you can have quality time together all throughout  the trip when you plan your itinerary.  

 "OHH, the places you will go!" I hope you are as excited to go as I am now! Do you always travel? Share your thoughts as to why and how! Bon voyage, buon viaggio & happy trip you beautiful nomad!



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  1. I decided to stop saying I wanted to travel and to start putting the money away each month... it feels good to see it growing ... it will be a little before I can go but I started really planning... so if will be a reality♡ xox

    1. Exactly Launna! *Cheering now* Try to visit nearest places first! You'll enjoy it for sure! <3

  2. I just started travelling (again) and I love it! I'm already 30 but it's never too late, right?


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