Brighter in Brooklyn

Monday, December 28, 2015

NOTE: Rushed photoblog simply because I cannot wait :)

Today was just too lovely! The sun finally shone after a week here in NYC. I was saddened with the "extended fall", the bleak and dry winter, and of course the lack of my much-anticipated White Christmas! The weather was nothing but gloom and rain since I got here. My cousin and I planned to go on a very early morning / breakfast date to catch up after not seeing each other for over a year now. But we ended up running around the colorful alleys of Dumbo (our special date place ever since), battling the cold with a cup of coffee.  We really enjoyed the very beautiful and bright morning - over stories of how God has been so amazing to us all throughout  2015! Ughh  too sleepy for the details, but for now, these photos are enough :) I promise, these moments are "authentic" haha! See last photo for proof! :)) Happy New Year friends!

... what actually happened.

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