Monthly Musings: February

Monday, February 29, 2016

This month has just been filled with Love.

Well, not just the cheesy, fancy, Jadine type of love. Haha! But also the tough kind - of firm decisions, of ones without conditions, of perseverance and of patience... (Like Leo's journey to win an Oscar, which finally happened today! Yay!)
I thank God that this past month had really been a season of standing strong with and for the people I love. No matter how difficult, no matter how hopeless things get, no matter what... I learned that it is only by that genuine experience of God's unfailing love, that I could offer at least a hint of this relentless, selfless and enduring love to others. There had been difficult situations and problems - but this taught me of how God would send us to battles, would allow us to wage wars in order to bring breakthroughs and victories. Only then, would we learn the beauty of fighting in faith, and the greater beauty of being fought for by our Mighty God. 
One of the things I really enjoyed this month was being able to spend (quality) time with people I love. You know, nowadays, we tend to portray Love in a way that it is reduced to romance and romantic relationships. However, I wouldn't want to miss out on that subtler and simpler kind of love:
That heart-warming conversation of gratitude with my 92-year old grandmother. I just wanted to hug her all day long!! She's the loveliest woman I've ever known...

That night where I get to comfort, pray for and cheer up my other grandma who still misses my Lolo so much...

That Valentine's day spent with my dad, and he attended Church service with me, and we killed time over (instant) coffee date in a small cafeteria - ahhh I just cracked up on his jokes, and I loved how he listened so well and considered all my #RealTalk as if I am no longer the baby girl he always knew

That time I got to goof around and instantly go heart-to-heart with my cousins - at past midnight, over lunch dates and family dinners...

The time I finally saw my good old friends after a long time - from small talks, to deep catch-up conversations and all the fun of everything in between!! 

AHHH, I smile ear to ear now as I recount these moments. February had been such a priceless time for me, and I couldn't be more contented with it.
Another favorite from this month was the chance to meet 3-Guava kids. One of my friends is teaching these third graders, and has been very dedicated at it! He would invite guest teachers and friends to share whatever wisdom and knowledge to these little children. With the very short time spent with them, I wasn't  sure how long would these children remember the things that we shared to them. Although, I find assurance that whatever is sown will surely be reaped in the right time. 

For the ultimate ganap this February - the wedding of the year happened!!! :)  Kuya Andrew and Ate Krissy have been one of our mentors and leaders since I was still in the campus and I am truly blessed to witness how God unfolded their love story. It is a testament of how relationships thrive when God is the center of it! It was the first Christian wedding that I attended, and it was very beautiful!!! The ceremony was perfect, I felt God's presence in the place, in their midst...  What awed all of us was when they finaly shared their first kiss on the altar. Yes, first kiss on the altar! How they pursued and honored God in their seasons and in their relationship will always be an inspiration to me!!!
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February has been altogether awesome, and for this, I am very grateful! Now, on to the next chapter! :))

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