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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

         “Pa travel-travel ka na lang!!”
         “Are you even working?"
         “You’re here!! I thought you're out of the country!"
I get them a lot! There came a point where I felt terribly annoyed with people who make such remarks. What do you know about me, or my life? Haha!😆  Well, I could not blame them for that. I post travel photos a lot. They might have seen it from my Facebook profile or my Instagram feed. I would simply smile and dismiss it with “No, of course I’m here. That trip was two months ago!” Hashtag latepostNow, this issue has been surprisingly significant to me, and here’s just to share some few things I learned lately.
Tip of the Iceberg
We are fully aware of the virtual world aka social media. It allows us to express ourselves in one click and in one go. I have been living in this world. We have all kinds of emoji for all kinds of mood. One ranting FB status for all our frustrations. One gram for that very special moment. One filter for every artsy soul. etc. I could go on for a day, naming every platform there is for everything. However, it is undeniable that the life we project online, no matter how active or present, no matter how big of a role it plays in our routine, is still far from our real life. Just a chunk of reality. At the end of the day, it is still just a tiny bit, a droplet of h2o on the topmost tip of the iceberg. Just recently, I found out that one of my friends (who looked perfectly okay online) had been battling with depression and severe anxiety. I would have never found that out until we sat down and talked. 

The Value of Real Connection
During the election season, we had seen the worst kinds of habits online: shaming, mudslinging, bullying, bashing to unfriending. It had never been so easy to throw death threats or to curse. It was such a horrible time to be online. To me, it was as if people forgot that there was actually a real human being, with real emotions, on the other end of the line; facing that screen and reading those harsh words. 
On a more personal level, let us be reminded that technology aims to connect people easily. May we never defeat its purpose. We must uphold and value real connections. Check on your friends. At least, text them and ask them how they are. Find out what's going on in their lives. Make time to talk to them and schedule a coffee date or a dinner with them. In the same way, if you are not okay, call your friends whom you can talk to and who will listen to you. Don't just sit there, jealous of their recent summer adventure. If you post all your sentiments online, tagged with feeling depressed, people just scroll through it. Not really because they do not care, but because a trending Buzzfeed video has already caught their attention. Don't we just love catch-up dates and real conversations so much? and remember, I don’t need to post a photo of us with our lattes to tell you how much I value you. (OK. Maybe, on your birthday! haha!) Stop stalking your friends, and start talking to them. Your friend’s post of verses doesn’t automatically say he or she is spiritually okay. His Likes on your photo doesn’t mean he likes you. Hahaha! Jk. There is still nothing like a true and real connection. There is so much beauty in stories told face-to-face, in emotions personally expressed, in laughters and moments shared - and no online platform, no LMAO or crying emoji 😂😂😂 could ever capture them. You know, I suck so much at replying, but when we see each other, I can talk to you all day long! Haha (Ok, I know...this is another story and is not an excuse)

Less is More
Our social media - of course, we can never take it out of our lives in this day and age! I also do not disregard the advantages and the benefits of technology, how it makes everything easy for us. However, we can always balance it out, lessen our dependence and manage them wisely. I realise that the more present I am online, the more absent I become in the Life that I need to live, in the lives of the people that I care for. The less time I spend looking down on my phone screen means more time and attention will be given to the people sitting next to me. One struggle I always have is with my camera. I learned that the less time I spend using my camera when I travel, the more time I get to enjoy the real beauty of that moment. Moreover, no amount of productivity could ever be achieved with your top-rated or most promising app than actually concentrating, focusing and working hands-on to get things done. Just like no workout app would help you become healthy unless you get on your feet and start exercising. There are just too many cases and places to apply this. Think about them. 
"Walang basagan ng trip!" Of course. I did not share this to attack and impose it on your lifestyle. I share this because I care. Hahaha. In fact, to this very moment, I really struggle with these habits. (I wrote this down on my phone's notes! Haha!) But gradually, I come to discover that these small things make a huge difference for the better. I hope you discover them for yourself as well! ❤️ 


Sharing these videos that radically explain this valuable message further. ❤️ 

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  1. Love your blog name. Handwriting mo yan? Bookmarked for later reading! :)

    1. Thanks Dom! No, it's just a free font I found somewhere. Haha! :) I wish my handwriting's as good as that. :)


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