Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Here is a medley of my favorite moments from 2016, and I was really surprised when I compiled them. When I thought wala masyadong ganap, "there's never nothing going on."  But I wish I had more artsy documentation of all mundane and plain moments - something I had more, I had lots of last year.

2016...was simple, yet very sweet. (On a personal level of course. I didn't like the election results too.) My year had been mainly about slowing down, staying put and being still. My "year of staying". While these pictures might say otherwise, I promise... these were moments of grace, from which I dragged and forced a very unlucky person to take a burst shot of me. HAHA! Jk.

Slow is fast. Less is More.
I've had countless of times where I reduced my lists. Goals. To-dos. Places to go. Even people to meet. And I have completely no regrets about them now. I learned fixing my focus. Deepening my relationships. And savouring every bit of the 'here and now'.

Stay in your season. Stay here. Stay near. I surrendered all sorts of pressure. No rush to move to another work place. There's still so much to be done here. No rush to book that flight. Slow and long drives would do. There's so much to see here. No rush to meet new people. There's still a lot of things you don't know about him/her. Stay. Not to settle (for less), but just to stay... Just like how my previous years were my working weekdays, this was my Sunday morning. When I used to be like a free butterfly on a meadow, I preferred to be a pupa that needed to be in its cocoon. It's just for a while. Soon, such season will be done and gone. Stay.

Plan G.
I've had Plan A! Then B. and C... Yet, none of them really materialised. I was down to Plan G. Plan God. Haha! "Many plans in a man's heart, but God's purposes shall prevail." And from this perspective, I was assured I was far from being a failure. I submitted with no remorse knowing that the best place to be is in the center of God's will. This is why I capped off the year celebrating closed doors, changed plans, and the many rejections that were merely redirection.

"If not, God is still good."

'Knowing God'
"New year, same God."

This 2017, (I have no theme yet HAHA), I can approach the year with so much confidence, knowing God holds the future, knowing God loves me and He has my best interest, knowing God is always faithful. One thing's sure, I am excited to spend this year Knowing God more and more. I will get to know Him more - through people that I am yet to encounter and minister, through trials that I am yet to overcome, through possible pain that I am yet to be healed of, through every new character and skill that I am yet to learn, through every adventure I am yet to take and place that I am yet to visit, through every opportunity that I may glorify Him, through great things that I am yet called to doooo! Wohooo! So I pray the same for you! Welcome 2017!


You know, last Valentines Day, I told my dad that he better get me some flowers or else I'm gonna get a boyfriend to give me one. HAHAHA. I was kidding but he actually gave me a piece of long-stem rose! But later, we dropped by somewhere and showed me this huge Bougainvillea tree, that was, well, full of flowers! I almost threw away that rose. A bit shallow for some, and I know it was really a little thing, but I was in awe and I loved it! Haha! He knew me too well!!!! Same goes with 2016, I asked God for a bouquet of roses maybe, and He gave me something so simple yet so surprisingly beautiful. 2016 had been this little tree of flowers! Have a blissful 2017, my friends!

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  1. God bless you more Ate Angel!

  2. Simple,profound,awesome..thank you for sharing, Angel.

  3. Amazing views of life! You're an inspiration! ��

    1. Aww all by God's grace and wisdom! Thank you! :)

  4. you are such an inspiration indeed! God bless you :D

    1. Glory to God, thank you very much! God bless you too! :)


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