Islas de Gigantes Weekend

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I love how Iloilo has been both my home and my adventure. Because like a true local, I have never really seen much of my own hometown. But now, my cousins and I intentionally organize little trips here and there just so we maximise the rare opportunities of being together. We were headed to a dazzling destination, but what I really looked forward to was seeing them again after quite some time.

Summer always evokes nostalgia as we've had tons of golden memories from all the sunniest days of our school breaks together. Family out-of-town trips, simple sleepovers or an afternoon swim in a local clubhouse. Those were just the most beautiful days of my childhood. This weekend trip was probably a year in the making, yet no matter how short, it simply proved how nothing has ever changed.

For this weekend, we visited the famous Gigantes Islands in Carles. They say that it is not about where you are but who you are with,. Right? Well, this place was definitely a huge bonus to our get-together! We were on the road just before the daybreak, so we kept a laid-back playlist to fill the silence as everyone was still too sleepy to talk. Halfway through our 3-hr drive to Carles, we started cracking out silly jokes and sleepy conversations until we managed to wake ourselves. Some of my cousins stayed up late to prepare our to-go breakfast.

We spent the next two days hopping from one island to another! Each had its own unique activity! Cliff diving, snorkelling, sunbathing, hiking and caving, and of course, some islands were meant for typical-touristing for IG worthy pictures, There were no dull moments, but these were some of the most noteworthy things from our Trip:
  • Unlimited sea food. Unlimited scallops. *Faints* PHP 1 per scallop. HAHAHA Baked. Grilled. Fried. Boiled scallops!
  • The magnificent seascape! There were plenty of beautifully sculpted limestones (almost resembling the ones in Palawan) that change colors depending on the time of the day. They looked most gorgeous during the golden hour.
  • The effective crowd-management. There were many tourists yet the place isn't too toxic and touristy even during the peak of summer. ::)
  • The sunset. The resort where we stayed faces the sunset. since we finished early, and instead of going back to the resort, we requested the boatmen aka Kuyas to dock the boat in a good spot where we could swim and watch the sunset.
  • Bonfire + Clingy Cousins. At night, we requested the folks to build a bonfire.. The one they built was too big for our s'mores and we couldn't draw any closer to the fire. But we enjoyed unli scallops + catch up conversations under the starry skies by the beach.
  • The new Panggas! Well, 4 of my cousins' boyfriends joined us for the trip! More than just enjoying their company, I love how we have evolved to this stage of our lives, and still feel like nothing has changed. Made me even look forward to the day where our kids would play together and be as close as we are now. Yeeee HAHA!
I think I have elaborated enough already, haha! As if my roll of pictures would say less. It turns out we have very few group photos as we maintained uninterrupted when together. So here, enjoy the photos from our trip, and I hope this encourages you to visit Gigantes Islands as well! :))


Now, here is a free miinii guiide for you!!! This is not very detailed though. Just an overview of what to expect. I highly encourage people who love to travel to learn how to do their own preps and research HAHAHA. <3

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